Sunday, October 10, 2010

Different Ways to Change Management – “Knowing Yourself”

If you hold a leadership position, it is important to understand your nature and the way you choose to work as it has significant impact on your organization development, whether you know it or not. Are we separate from our organizations, as third party observers.  We have to quickly become an integral part of our Organization’s system -- the way the people and processes in the organization work with each other on a recurring basis. So much so, it is critical that you have a good understanding / Knowing of yourself, including your biases (we all have them), how you manage feedback and conflict, how you like to make decisions and solve problems, how you naturally view organizations, your skills as a change agent in the organization etc.

Different Ways to Change Management -- "Systems Thinking"

I have been observing the way Organizational change management through leadership has been taking shape for the past two decades. I have seen an explosion in the number of very useful tools to help change agents to effectively explore, understand and communicate about organizations, as well as to guide successful change in those organizations. Systems thinking is a major breakthrough, even if the change agent is not an expert about systems thinking, even a basic understanding can cultivate an entire new way of working.