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Its obviously a nice thing to have a set of values pinned proudly at the corporate entrances. Nevertheless, these values should be embedded in the core corporate culture - lest they remain to have been designed to convince the outside world, rather bringing change, spinning wonders within. If, there are gaps between what you say and do - then its' all over. If, percolated down to the bottom line, vouched and preached properly - Values Can Do Wonders.

Amidst my busy schedule, one day I visited to a large Corporate House. As usual, the receptionist with her dark sticky lipstick and with that broad artificial smile on her face made me to ease at the artistically decorated lounge. Ooh! it took a little while before I could meet the guy I went to see. While gazing hangouts, my eyes caught the glimpse of the Corporate Value Statement pinned proudly on one of the walls. There are some words like 'creativity' and 'innovation' together with a few aspirational phrases like 'striving for excellence', 'cutting edge', 'together we grow' and 'putting customers first' etc. etc.....

I really don't know, do such grand statements of corporate principles really mean anything - or they are just only few artistic words on those glossy bulletins. Sometimes, the wordings are such, they give you a feel that these statements are designed to convince the outside world in order to meet their business objectives.

Believe it, Values act as ' Corporate DNA ' . Its' only the values that contain the identity and helps the businesses to prepare for the future and cope for the challenges. Of course the values enhance the corporate reputation. There are quite many shining examples of values-driven companies who are outperforming their competitors. Actually these companies put values before the pursuit of profit and reap the rewarding harvest. Large Corporate Houses through relentless pursuit of excellence play a vital role in fostering Values. Companies with distinct Values are quite clear in their vision that they are responsive as a corporate citizen.

Facing the Change
If, the values are to be translated into positive action, the top management needs to look into the continuous employee involvement. It is just not sufficient for the companies to coin the vision & value statements on a piece of paper and expect change to happen - sorry, its the employees who have to see and link it up to what they really mean to them personally. Putting values into action begins only when an employee puts his own personal values and explore how these connect with the Company’s. This process gets paid off by the employees commitment and improved performance on the job, through clear understanding of the corporate values. This can be measured by incorporating values into performance management system.

I strongly believe, organizations should assess their values at least once in every three years in order to gauge the organizational direction. Through this, companies can reap better benefits by correcting the areas of inconsistencies between what the company says and what it does and the subsequent culture differences.

In these days of E-Business and E-Commerce, the concept of V-Business / V-Commerce (Value based Business / Commerce) plays a pivotal role. Lets understand briefly this concept of V-Business / V-Commerce (Value based Business / Commerce). Talent is the core essence of today's business. Talent will choose or gel well in an Organization whose values are in tune with their own. Living Corporate Values can play a vital role in helping the values-driven talent to focus on what's important during organizational transformation. A clear set of corporate Values and principles will help employees to understand better and prepare them to participate fully in the changes.

The success
The blueprint for the success of V-Business / V-Commerce depends on ‘3Cs’ - Clarity, Commitment and Communication.

First the companies need to achieve clarity from three angles - top management clarity about business objectives, whole company clarity about what the values actually mean, and finally the individual employee clarity about what they need to do differently to succeed in doing wonders.

Secondly the commitment is so important that there can't be any casualty from the senior team members in this process. Both the Management and their Human Asset should be committed to Commitments.

Lastly an improper communication can lead to a mismatch in aligning the values. There should be open channels of communication for employees to give and receive advice and information.

If you have big values and don’t practice, the gaps between what you say and do can be spotted immediately - and then it’s all over. But, Values Can Do Wonders, if vouched and preached properly.

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